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  • DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663
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Major Scope

  •  Gastrointestinal Cancer
  •  Hematology
  •  Lung Cancers
  •  Head and Neck Oncology
  •  Radiological Techniques and Scans
  •  Sarcomas
  •  Cervical Cancer
  •  Colorectal Cancer


Palbociclib Efficacy and Safety in Metastatic Breast Cancer with Spinal Cord Compression

Valentina Rossi, Giuseppe Schettini, Natale Russo, Lucia Rosalba Grillo, Renato Gigli, Fabio Di Cesare, Fabrizia Scardamaglia, Francesca Svegliati, Antonella Muzzi, Daniela Giammarino and Leonardo Vigna

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Case Report | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1732.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1732

A Complete Holistic Approach in a Patient of Advanced Lung Cancer with Severe Breathlessness

Mranalini Verma, Sanjay Singhal, Piyush Shrivastava and Rajendra Prasad

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Review Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1731.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1731

Role of Interventional Radiology in Head and Neck Region - A Review

Ankita Raj, Saket Nigam, Amit Pandey and Amrita Raj

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Review Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1729.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1729

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy as a Model of Care: Optimizing Treatment of Mexican Breast Cancer Patients

María del Mar García, Denisse Añorve, Brenda Carbajal, Diana Flores-Díaz, Flavia Morales-Vásquez, Georgina Garnica-Jaliffe, Gregorio Quintero-Beuló, Cynthia Villarreal- Garza, Brizio Moreno8, Consuelo Díaz, Mónica Sánchez, María de la Luz García Tinoco, Adela Poitevin, Carolina Blanco, Andrea Castro, Leticia Bornstein, Jesús Miguel García- Foncillas, Angélica Ávila, Christian Aguila and Claudia Arce-Salinas

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Review Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1728.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1728

The Efficacy of Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Tumors

Junsung Koo and So Hak Chung

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Rapid Communication | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1727.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1727

SARS-CoV-2 Associated Thrombotic Coagulopathy

Ajaz Bulbul and Karl Koessler-Streiker

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Review Article | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1726.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1726

Evaluation of Prognostic Factors for Survival in Bladder Cancer

João Vasco Barreira, Gil Falcão, Anuraj Parmanande and Luís Campos Pinheiro

 Abstract  PDF  Full Text Short Communication | Open Access

Citation: Clin Oncol. 2020;5(1):1725.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1725

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