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Citation: Clin Oncol. 2021;6(1):1776.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1663.1776

Minimally Invasive Non-Endoscopic Thyroidectomy with a Low Anterior Cervical Incision

Nan Lin, Lihui Yu, Jun Ma and Yu Wang

Department of General Surgery, Xiamen University, China
Department of General Surgery, Fujian Medical University, China
Department of Thoracic Surgery, Air Force Military Medical University Xi’an, China

*Correspondance to: Yu Wang 

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Background: To provide a preliminary comparison between Minimally Invasive Non-endoscopic Thyroidectomy with a low anterior cervical incision (L-MINT) and MIVAT.
Methods: We retrospectively examined the medical records of 89 patients receiving L-MINT and 102 patients receiving Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Thyroidectomy (MIVAT). Parameters included: demographic and baseline information, incision length, operation time and bleeding, postoperative pain, drainage, cosmetic satisfaction and complications.
Results: Patients receiving L-MINT vs. MIVAT did not differ in age, gender, nodule diameter (2.35 ± 1.03 vs. 2.69 ± 1.11 cm), and pathological type (follicular tumors 14.6% vs. 17.6%, nodular goiter 81.9% vs. 75.5%). Patients receiving L-MINT had significantly shorter operation time (43.4 ± 14.1 vs. 67.5 ± 19.0 min; p<0.05). L-MINT and MIVAT did not differ in incision length (2.20 ± 0.45 vs.
1.97 ± 0.32 cm), postoperative pain (VAS score of 3.68 ± 0.84 vs. 3.90 ± 1.00 at 12 h and 1.54 ± 0.64 vs. 1.59 ± 0.63 at 1w) and cosmetic satisfaction (8.08 ± 1.08 vs. 8.06 ± 0.98 at 24 h and 8.94 ± 0.79 vs. 9.03 ± 0.59 at 12w), and complications.
Conclusion: L-MINT is as safe as MIVAT, but requires shorter surgical time than MIVAT. Considering the requirement for less equipment, we recommend L-MINT as an alternative to MIVAT, particularly in less developed parts of the world.


Low incision; Microsurgery; MINT; MIVAT; Thyroidectomy

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Lin N, Yu L, Ma J, Wang Y. Minimally Invasive Non-Endoscopic Thyroidectomy with a Low Anterior Cervical Incision. Clin Oncol. 2021;6:1776..

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