Special Issue Author Guidelines

Journal: Clinics in Surgery has been maintaining its reputation in the scientific publication world for its quality and standards. With support of our expertise Editorial Board Members, Clinics in Surgery has now launched the idea of releasing

Special Issues: These Special Issues includes the articles which fall under specific fields of research/topic to provide focused and most relevant dimensions on emerging areas within this discipline and providing detailed analysis of the key research topics under Surgery. We have already coined few special issue titles and assigned the Handling Editors. We welcome our readers, Professors, academicians, Doctors and researchers to propose more topics for special issues and voluntarily participate in this practice as Handling Editors and Authors to make it towards success and serve the scientific community through this platform.

Stages involved in publishing of Special issue are as follows:

  1. Assigning the Handling Editor
  2. Coining the Special Issue Title
  3. Joining the Guest Editors
  4. Inviting the authors by sending Call For Paper invitations
  5. Receiving manuscript submissions
  6. Review process for the articles submitted
  7. Article revision as per reviewers suggestions
  8. Publishing Special Issue

Responsibilities of Handling Editors:

  1. Suggesting the Special Issue Titles
  2. Promoting the Special Issue among peers
  3. Propose Guest Editors
  4. Suggesting potential authors/contributors
  5. Approving/Rejecting the manuscript submissions based on quality
  6. Carrying out peer review process
  7. Accepting the articles for publication after review
  8. Communication with the Journal Editorial Office
  9. Overseeing the whole process to maintain the quality and publication standards

Authors can submit your manuscripts as attachments through e-mail to the Editorial Office at: [email protected]

Researchers who are willing to take up the Handling Editor positions are requested to send their CV, Recent Photo, and List of Publication as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected]

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