July, 2017

Case Report

Preparation of Patients with Prostate Cancer for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy

Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of preparation of patients for intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for prostate cancer using a self-recorded sheet.

Published 31 Jul, 2017

Mini Review

A Case Report of Pubic Bone Metastasis from Bladder Cancer Mimicking Osteitis Pubis

Most symmetric radiotracer accumulation in the skeleton found in bone scintigraphy is thought to be non-specific or benign cause.

Published 31 Jul, 2017

Research Article

Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Appendix in Adolescents and Young Adults

Neuroendocrine tumors involving the appendix in young people are uncommon.

Published 28 Jul, 2017

Short Communication

Molecular Mechanisms of Honeybee Products in the Fight against Tumors

Chemoprevention via nontoxic agents could be one approach for decreasing the incidence of cancer.

Published 17 Jul, 2017

Case Report

Breast Cancer a Public Health Matter in Low Income Countries?

All over the world, healthcares are aimed not only to cure sickness but also to prevent them. When we focus our attention in a sickness, the first reflex we have is to find how we can cure our patient.

Published 12 Jul, 2017

Short Communication

Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Debate

The recent publications by Demeestereet a land the accompanying editorial in the journal of clinical oncology are intriguing [1,2].

Published 10 Jul, 2017

Research Article

Epigenetic Regulation of Hematological and Neurological Expressed 1(HN-1) at DU145 Brain Metastases Prostate Cancer Cell Line

Epigenetic investigates gene expression modifications not due to DNA sequence alterations. Gene expression modifications appear with packing of DNA with variety of chromatin structures.

Published 10 Jul, 2017

Research Article

The Pioneering Hypotheses of Exercise Effects on Tumor Growth - Systematic Review

Introduction: Over the past seventy years, the relationship between physical exercise (PE) and cancer has been researched extensively, but the biological changes associated with PE and its probable influence on the tumor growth and patient survival are still uncertain.

Published 10 Jul, 2017


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