January, and February, 2020

Research Article

A Retrospective Clinico-Pathologic Analysis of 100 Breast Cancer Cases: Experience from a Tertiary Care Hospital of Coastal India

Context and aim: Breast cancers are relatively rare among young women amounting up to 6% of all breast carcinoma cases reported in that age group.

Published 25 Feb, 2020

Short Communication

Arthroscopic Treatment of Osteoid Osteoma: A Brief Review of Literature from Year 1935 to Year 2007

Osteoid osteoma is a benign tumor in adolescents and young adults.

Published 24 Feb, 2020

Research Article

Long Term Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy as a Bridge to Liver Transplant for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients

Purpose: To determine the radiographic and pathologic response of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) lesions treated with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) in a series of liver transplant candidates.

Published 12 Feb, 2020

Research Article

Functional Cancer Staging in Black Africans - An Initial Experience with Whole Body Diffusion MRI

Aim: In this study, we report on our initial experience with whole body diffusion weighted MRI (WB-DW-MRI) for cancer staging, using the Metastasis Reporting and Data System for Prostate (MET-RADS-P) criteria and scoring, aiming at finding evidence of visceral/and or bony metastasis in already diagnosed tumor cases involving different types of tumors.

Published 11Feb, 2020

Review Article

A Beacon for Gynecological Cancers Patients: pH-Sensitive Nanomedicine

Emergence of various nanoscale drug carrier platforms as Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) has revolutionized the field of medicine.

Published 04 Feb, 2020

Research Article

First Successful Experience of Organ-Preserving Endoscopic Surgical Treatment for Upper Urinary Tract Urothelial Carcinoma

Objectives: To implement novel approach to endoscopic organ-preserving surgery of patients with urothelial cancer of the upper urinary tract and access the outcomes of such treatment.

Published 30 Jan, 2020

Research Article

Pattern and Age Distribution of Leukemia in Sudan-Retrospective Analysis

Low income countries in sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing a rapidly growing cancer burden, and leukemia account for 6.9% of death rate from cancer in the region.

Published 29 Jan, 2020


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