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Analysis the Gene Expression of Apelin (APLN) in Colorectal Cancer Based on Oncomine

Shuang-Yu Lv*
School of Medicine, Henan University, Kaifeng, China

*Corresponding author: Shuang-Yu Lv, School of Medicine, Henan University, China

Published: 13 Feb, 2017
Cite this article as: Shuang-Yu Lv. Analysis the Gene Expression of Apelin (APLN) in Colorectal Cancer Based on Oncomine. Clin Oncol. 2017; 2: 1204.


Apelin; Apj; Colorectal cancer


The neuropeptide apelin (APLN) is the endogenous ligand of the APJ receptor (APLNR) [1]. The apelin/APJ system has a wide tissue distribution in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues [2]. To explore the expression and significance of APLN in colorectal cancer, APLN data were retrieved from Oncomine database. We found that there were 282 studies of different types concerning expression of APLN in cancers, of which 11 studies were of statistically significance (11 up-regulated and 0 down-regulated) in Oncomine database [3]. In colorectal cancer, 6 were up-regulated and 0 down-regulated. The APLN expression in rectal cancer as well as colonic cancer is higher than that in normal tissues (P < 0.05) [4]. In summary, APLN was highly expressed in colorectal cancer (Figure 1), which might be as a marker for colorectal cancer prognosis.

Figure 1

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Figure 1
The gene expression of apelin (APLN) in different cancers based Oncomine database.


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