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The tumor also called a neoplasm, is a mass of cells or tissue may be solid or fluid-filled originated from pre-existed cells of the body with abnormal growth and indefinite purpose of the function. These tumors are classified into three types based upon their behavior, they are benign, malignant or cancer and pre-malignant or precancerous tumors. Central Nervous System Tumors are the tumors formed within brain they may be cancerous or non-cancerous. The mortality rates of Central Nervous System Tumors are high and is most common brain tumors among children and adolescents, here is a most worried reason that is the cause of most of the brain tumors are unknown.
Despite its significant effect on populations by long term disabilities compared to other more common malignant tumors, we have a very fewer data about Central Nervous System Tumors in which most of the evidence-based practices in oncology and neuro-oncology is available from western countries and relatively very limited data is provided from Asian and Indian investigators and research centers. Clinics in Oncology™ are open access, the peer-reviewed mega journal aims to serve as an international medium between researchers, clinical professionals, and para-medical health professionals to find recent and advanced research, clinical and basic science research work that includes epidemiological variables, clinical presentations, prognostic factors and occasional behavior of therapy. The journal also provides its international publication with an open access approach without any financial constraints.