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Peritoneal Cancer Index and Completeness Cytoreduction Score are Needed to Better Define Stage and Results of Treatment in Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma. An Observational Cohort Study

Lozano P1, Vásquez W1, Salinas J2, Mendizabal E3, Palencia N1, Martínez C1, Martín L1, Garciafilia L1, Fernández ML1 and González Bayón L1*

1Department of General Surgery, Gregorio Maranon Hospital, Spain
2Department of General Surgery, La Paz University Hospital, Spain
3Department of Gynecology Oncology, Gregorio Maranon Hospital, Spain

*Correspondance to: Luis González Bayón 

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Objective: This study aims to assess how peritoneal cancer index and completeness cytoreduction score help in defining stages and results of treatment in advanced ovarian carcinoma.
Methods: Newly diagnosed advanced epithelial ovarian cancer patients (FIGO stage IIIC/IV) at our Institution are treated by the Gynecologic Oncology Unit (Department of Gynecology) and by the Peritoneal Surgery Unit (Department of Surgery). After approval by the corresponding Multidisciplinary Committee (MDC), patients were treated with upfront CRS and adjuvant systemic  chemotherapy in the Gynecologic Oncology Unit (cytoreductive surgery group), or with neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by interval Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC-cisplatin in the Peritoneal Surgery Unit (cytoreductive surgery + HIPEC group). Peritoneal cancer index and completeness cytoreductive score were systematically recorded.
Results: Since 2010 to 2017, 123 patients newly diagnosed of FIGO stage IIIC/IV were treated at our Institution. 54 patients in the cytoreductive surgery group and 69 at the cytoreductive surgery + HIPEC group. A significant correlation between peritoneal cancer index, completeness cytoreductive surgery and overall survival was observed in the whole cohort.
Conclusion: Epithelial ovarian cancer FIGO stages III/IV needs to be sub-staged by peritoneal extension and residual disease after cytoreductive surgery in order to precise results of treatments. Recording peritoneal cancer index and completeness cytoreductive score may help to define substages and select treatment alternatives.


Epithelial ovarian cancer; Cytoreduction surgery; Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Intraoperative Chemotherapy (HIPEC); Peritoneal cancer index; Completeness cytoreduction score


Lozano P, Vásquez W, Salinas J, Mendizabal E, Palencia N, Martínez C, et al. Peritoneal Cancer Index and Completeness  Cytoreduction Score are Needed to Better Define Stage and Results of Treatment in Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma. An
Observational Cohort Study. Clin Oncol. 2021;6:1818..

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