Research Article

Minimally Invasive Non-Endoscopic Thyroidectomy with a Low Anterior Cervical Incision

Background: To provide a preliminary comparison between Minimally Invasive Non-endoscopic Thyroidectomy with a low anterior cervical incision (L-MINT) and MIVAT.

Published 26 Feb, 2021

Research Article

Long-Term Follow-Up of Children Treated for Acute Leukemia Focusing on Development of Malignant and Non-Malignant Neoplasms

Although the introduction of modern treatment strategies has resulted in an excellent prognosis for leukemia, it is also associated with various late effects.

Published 26 Feb, 2021

Research Article

COVID-19: Across-Sectional Study of Practice in the UK and Challenges during the Pandemic

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is an acute lethal respiratory infection now known as SARS-CoV-2 replacing its previous nomenclature as 2019-nCoV and has spread throughout the world causing the pandemic.

Published 20 Feb, 2021

Clinical Image

Hijama Treatment for Polycythemia Vera

A 56 year-old man presented to the Hematology Outpatient Clinic.

Published 12 Feb, 2021

Case Series

Clinical and Morphological Heterogeneity of the Xp11.2 Translocation Renal Cell Carcinoma

Xp11.2 translocation cell carcinoma represents a particular neoplasia with advanced stage at diagnosis, complex morphology and unpredictable progression.

Published 11 Feb, 2021

Case Report

A Case of a Rare Pseudoaneurysm of the Proximal Part of the Facial Artery in a 54-Year-Old Man

The report describes the case of a 54-year-old man who was treated for tongue cancer primarily with chemoradiotherapy.

Published 11 Feb, 2021

Case Report

Metastatic Disease to the Pancreas from Squamous Cell Lung Cancer: A Case Report

We present a one clinical case of patient with metastasis of squamous cell non-small-cell lung cancer in pancreas.

Published 10 Feb, 2021

Research Article

Bovine Milk Derived Exosomal - Curcumin Exhibiting Enhanced Stability, Solubility, and Cellular Bioavailability

Curcumin is a promising anti-cancer drug with limited aqueous solubility and decreased bioavailability.

Published 08 Feb, 2021

Review Article

Cardiovascular Screening and Prevention in Female Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy

Aims: Breast cancer patients receiving radiotherapy have an excellent oncological prognosis.

Published 08 Feb, 2021


Dysregulated Circadian Clock and Aged Stem Cell: An Inflammatory Crosstalk?

Aging occurs in response to many triggers, including cellular senescence, telomere attrition, DNA damage, organelle stress, oncogene activation and stem cell dysfunction [1].

Published 04 Feb, 2021

Mini Review

Proliferation and Survival Signals in Exosomes as Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Carcinoma (CRC) is the second most common cancer as well as a major leader in cancer associated deaths worldwide.

Published 03 Feb, 2021

Clinical Image

Choriocarcinoma on C-Section Scar 20 Years after Delivery

A 52-year-old woman, G3P3A0, presented with a one year history of a subcutaneous pelvic mass growing on the site of a previous C-section scar.

Published 12 Jan, 2021

Short Communication

Breast Cancer and Idiopathic Granulomatosis Mastitis; Review of the Literature

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis is a rare, chronic, benign and inflammatory disease of the breast.

Published 11 Jan, 2021


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