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Histopathologic Patterns of Breast Lesions in Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Sidama Region, Ethiopia: A Six-Year Retrospective Study (September 2015 G.C to August 2020 G.C.)

Fekade Yerakly* and Abraham Kassahun Tadele

Hawassa University College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ethiopia

*Correspondance to: Fekade Yerakly 

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Background: The breast is a site of a broad array of pathological alterations. Both benign and malignant lesions can occur in the breast. Various studies have reported benign breast disease to be more common than malignant breast lesions.
Objective: The main objective of this study is to describe histopathologic patterns of breast lesions, HUCSH from September 2015 to August 2020 G.C.
Method: Retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted from September 2015 G.C to August 2020 G.C. Data were extracted from reports of histologically diagnosed breast mass submitted to HUCSH pathology department in the study period. The specimens were collected from mastectomy, lumpectomy (excisional biopsy), and incisional biopsy. All data were entered and analyzed through SPSS 20.0 and Microsoft Excel 2016. Then, the findings were presented using text, tables, and charts.
Result: A total of 235 breast lesions were analyzed in this study. 120 cases (51%) of them were benign breast lesions with mean age of 27.9 years. Fibroadenoma was the commonest benign lesion to be sampled. There were 115 (49%) malignant breast cases with mean age of 42.7 years. Invasive ductal carcinoma NOS was the commonest histologic type among malignant categories. 38(49.4%) of Invasive ductal carcinoma NOs were Grade II at the time of presentation. Majority (47.8%) of breast carcinoma cases presented at advanced stage. Lymph node metastasis was found in 50.4% of cases.
Conclusion: Our study shows majority of breast diseases are benign in early reproductive years. Breast cancer occurred at relatively younger age group. Advanced stage at presentation is major concern. Awareness must be created among women in the study area to avoid the late presentation.


Yerakly F, Tadele AK. Histopathologic Patterns of Breast Lesions in Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Sidama Region, Ethiopia: A Six-Year Retrospective Study (September 2015 G.C to August 2020 G.C.). Clin Oncol. 2022;7:1895..

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