Clin Oncol | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Abdominal Tuberculosis Masquerading as Progression of Carcinoma Prostate

Ankitkumar Sharma* and N Kuppurajan

Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, Coimbatore, India

*Correspondance to: Ankitkumar Sharma 

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The presence of pulmonary tuberculosis in cancer patients is a common entity occurring due to the immunosuppression by the cancer itself or secondary immunosuppression from chemotherapy. While there have been many reported cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, the occurrence of abdominal tuberculosis in urologic cancers has not been documented in literature. Here we present the case of a 64 year old male, a known case of castration resistant carcinoma prostate with skeletal metastasis, 10
weeks post chemotherapy, who presented with complaints of abdominal distension for 3 weeks with loss of weight, pedal edema, reduced appetite and generalized body weakness, which was assumed to be disease progression but later diagnosed as abdominal tuberculosis. We hope to highlight the possibility of abdominal tuberculosis in the scenario of urological cancers.


Sharna AK, Kuppurajan N. Abdominal Tuberculosis Masquerading as Progression of Carcinoma Prostate. Clin Oncol. 2021;6:1879..

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