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In Vivo Study: Chemopreventive Effects of Nigella sativa (Black Cumin) Against Cyclophosphamide and Buthionine-SR-Sulfoximine Provoked Bladder Toxicity

Bechr Hamrita1*#, Kamel Rouissi2#, Sabrine Ben Hamed1, Ferdaws Hafi3, Rania Elayeb4 and Sami Achour4

1Virology & Antiviral Strategies Research Unit UR17ES30 (ViroBiotech), University of Monastir, Tunisia
2Laboratory of Genetics, Immunology, and Human Pathology, University of El Manar I, Tunisia
3Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Fattouma Bourguiba University Hospital, Tunisia
4Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir, University of Monastir, Tunisia
#These authors contributed equally to this work

*Correspondance to: Bechr Hamrita 

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Aims: Bladder toxicity is one of the major toxicity effects associated with cancer chemotherapeutic treatments with Cyclophosphamide (CP) and Buthionine-SR-Sulfoximine (BSO). In the current study, we utilized a Swiss albino mouse model to investigate the effects of Nigella sativa seeds (NSE) pre-treatment on the urotoxicity produced by acute concentrations of CP and Buthionine-SRSulfoximine (BSO).
Methods: To evaluate the toxicity modulation, we carried out several measurements such as Lipid Peroxidation (LPO), Peroxide Hydrogen production (H2O2), and antioxidants in the urinary bladder of the mice. Results: The findings revealed that NSE pre-treatment induced a protective effect in terms of LPO, H2O2 and enzymatic antioxidant activities. The levels of Glutathione S-Transferase (GST), Glutathione Reductase (GR), Glutathione Peroxidase (GP), and Catalase (CAT) in mice exposed to CP were significantly lower than in controls. The data obtained also show a decrease in Glutathione (GSH) levels and an increase in LPO activity in the CP-treated mice group. BSO treatment has shown an additive toxic impact in CP-treated mice. Our findings emphasize NSE's ability to restore enzymatic activity and hence provide protection against CP and BSO.
Conclusion: From the outcome of our investigation, it is possible to conclude that NSE has a powerful preventive effect against CP and BSO urotoxcicity. As a pre-treatment, NSE restores GSH which might contribute to the CP-induced apoptosis reversal and the free radical-mediated LPO.


Cyclophosphamide; BSO; Urotoxicity; Nigella sativa; Mice


Hamrita B, Rouissi K, Hamed SB, Hafi F, Elayeb R, Achour S. In Vivo Study: Chemopreventive Effects of Nigella sativa (Black Cumin) Against Cyclophosphamide and Buthionine-SRSulfoximine Provoked Bladder Toxicity. Clin Oncol. 2021;6:1850..

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