Clin Oncol | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Primary Breast Lymphoma: Case Report

Estefanía Ruiz Alcaide, Joaquín Navarro Castellón, Paula Sáez Bueno, Andrea Matas Escamilla, Zigor Zalabarria Zarrabeitia, Marta Domínguez Morcillo, Eliseo Carrasco Esteban, Carmen Ibáñez Villoslada and María Concepción López-Carrizosa*

Department of Radiation Oncology, Central Defense "Gomez Ulla" Hospital, Spain

*Correspondance to: María Concepción López-Carrizosa 

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Primary Breast Lymphomas (PBL) are a rare entity of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas which usually appear in women. Usually, the main sign is a palpable mass in the breast, although it can also be asymptomatic. The treatment is mainly chemotherapy and consolidation radiotherapy.
We present a case report of a woman who treated in our hospital for a breast mass and was diagnosed of PBL.


Non-Hodgkin lymphoma; Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; Radiotherapy; R-CHOP; Breast cancer; Primary breast lymphoma


Alcaide ER, Castellón JN, Bueno PS, Escamilla AM, Zarrabeitia ZZ, Morcillo MD, et al. Primary Breast Lymphoma: Case Report. Clin Oncol. 2021;6:1810..

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