Clin Oncol | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

The Advancement of Radiology on Cancer Diagnosis and Early-Stage Prevention

Nayeem Ullah1, Salma Khan2, Humaira Binte Noor2, Rajib Jahan2, Sabbir Raihan2, LiyadSalem2, Rafia Mehjabeen2, Tanzir Rafe2, Jahangir Alam3, Md Abu Taher Sagor2* and NafeesUddin Chowdhury4

1Department of Radiology and Imaging, Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh
2Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Life Sciences, North South University, Bangladesh
3Department of Radiology and Imaging, Apollo Hospitals, Bangladesh
4Department of Science of Dental Materials, Sylhet Central Dental College, Bangladesh

*Correspondance to: Md Abu Taher Sagor 

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Background: Cancer is the most multifaceted situation in a biological system when abnormal cellular events take over the normal cell division. Not only the patho-physiology of cancer is complex but the detection is also complicated due to not having any particular sign or symptom in the earlier phase. New technologies such as MRI, CT-scan and X-rays, on the other hand, are performing quite well to investigate the size and stage of tumor. Purpose: Collecting biological samples from the patients and then investigating different cancer markers are expensive and do not provide the actual size and location of the tumors. Therefore, the study was aimed to gather the current radiology advancement of the prevalence and trends to identify tumors in human subjects. The investigation can also help the health care professionals from all over the world to interpret and utilize radiology methods to identify carcinoma and related patho-physiology. Methods: We basically followed up one hundred cancer patients and their various radiological investigations especially on lungs, brains, kidneys, bones and alimentary tracts. Our study also involved going through hospital database system to gather more radiological evidences and understanding proper use of these technologies among different stage cancers. Results: Major advancement in the field of medical imaging now allows healthcare professional to have a clear view towards an effective therapeutic approach. Our investigations suggested radiological diagnostics would be the most appropriate technique to identify and possibly treat the cancers. This technology is also being suggested for early detection of various cancers in a modern health care setting. Conclusion: This study may be helpful toward health care settings where radiation technology is the only option to identify and diagnose various stages of cancers. Furthermore, this investigation would also show a correlation among the early stage cancer and metastasis.


Cancer biology; Cancer markers; Cancer diagnosis; Radiology


Ullah N, Khan S, Binte Noor H, Jahan R, Raihan S, Salem L, et al. The Advancement of Radiology on Cancer Diagnosis and Early-Stage Prevention. Clin Oncol. 2019; 4: 1640 .

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