Clin Oncol | Volume 2, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Chloroma- Myelosarcoma or Leukemic Nerve Tumor?

Grisold W*, Meng S and Grisold A

Department Neurology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

*Correspondance to: Grisold W 

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Following our review on leukemia and the nervous system (Grisold W) we would like to draw your attention to a rare manifestation of leukemia termed historically chloroma (CH) or myelosarcoma, which can rarely affect the cranial nerves and the peripheral nerves. These rare associations of leukemia and the peripheral nervous system, can occur in all stages of leukemia, as the first manifestation, as recurrence and post bone marrow transplant. Most frequently CH are seen in AML, less frequent CML, but also in OMF (?). They can also appear isolated, and leave room for speculations why leukemia can covert from a liquid into a solid tumor, and why the presentation can be in peripheral nerves. Chloromas, myelosarcomas or leukemic tumors are rare. Present at many sites of the body. Compared to lymphomas focal nerve lesion in leukemia are rare. For this review the presentation of CH in the the peripheral nervous system, including the cranial nerves was chosen. Peripheral nerve and CN tumors are rare. In leukemia the most frequent PNS lesions are meningeal involvement (LC), whereas neoplastic infiltration or compression of nerves by solid masses of leukemia are rare. Affection of CN and peripheral nerves is less frequently observed in leukemia, than in lymphoma.


Grisold W, Meng S, Grisold A. Chloroma- Myelosarcoma or Leukemic Nerve Tumor? Clin Oncol. 2017; 2: 1329.

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